Friday, April 30, 2010

I was Lost Without Li'l Red

Last fall I got a little netbook as a graduation present. It's little and it's red. Hence, Li'l Red. Brilliant, isn't it? Li'l Red was to be my writing computer. I had all of my blog posts, ideas and works in progress on him. As well as my horse training logs, event lists, card and scrapbook designs. Sadly, I didn't realize just how much I had entrusted Li'l Red to hold for me until a couple days after my last post. Isn't it amazing how much we discover we depend on things AFTER we lose them?

I went to boot Li'l Red up one afternoon and . . . nothing. Just the blue screen of death. He was simply gone. The hard drive totally crashed, not to be revived. The good news is Maverick was able to reinstall windows and all things functional, thus resurrecting Li'l Red. The bad news is, everything that was on Li'l Red is gone forever. The good news is, my brain is always going and my creative juices are once again flowing. I'll be posting about the animal portion of my motely crew shortly.

Welcome back, Li'l Red!

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