Monday, September 7, 2009

School's Out for - EVER

But wait! Its September. School is just starting you say. Not for this middle-aged coed. In late August, a mere 24 years after graduating high school and 19 years after getting my Associates, I have FINALLY finished my BS in business. The one thing I learned more solidly than any other fact was that there is a reason you are supposed to do this stuff when you're in your 20s and life has afforded you the luxury of being narcissistic. YEESH! That was painful to get through. BUT, it is finished and I can now stop being the flakiest person I know.

Although, being the flakiest person I know did have certain advantages:

1. There was a ready excuse to get out of virtually anything without hurting anyones feelings; "sorry, I have to study."

2. The house can completely fall apart and nobody gets to lay the blame on mom; "hey, I was studying! The rest of you lazy people were just sitting around watching the fungus between your toes grow."

3. You can conveniently "lose touch" with annoying people because "sorry, I've just had too much going on with school."

4. The last week of every term is always so crazy that the hubby takes over the cooking. (in my case, that's a very good thing)

5. There's no better excuse than writing a paper or studying for mid-terms to get out of the house and head to Starbucks .... you know, so you can get away from the chaos and "focus".

Hmmmmmm ... maybe I should think about that MBA...

And now, since I'm officially all educated and stuff, I feel a must interject some culture. Ahh, the classics...