Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to blanket a filly who has never seen a blanket ... or not

1. Bring blanket into stall and let her sniff and lip and rub said blanket until she decides it is not going to eat her.

2. Slowly get her used to being touched with blanket until you can throw it over her and she is relaxed enough to let you buckle it all up.

3. Allow her to enjoy a good breakfast while getting used to blanket being on her.

4. Stand back and admire your training ability convincing yourself that Clinton Anderson and Pat Parelli would be SO proud.

(by the way, if either Mr. Parelli or Mr. Anderson ever read this post, please feel free to stop reading at this point. Thank you.)

5. Open stall door letting her walk out and realize there is something strange around her legs, therefore reasoning that "THIS THING'S GONNA EAT ME!!"

6. Forget to close butthead's stall so that she sees baby freaking out and decides it would be fun to chase her . . . . . straight through the pasture fence.

7. Spend the rest of the morning, in sub freezing temperatures, chasing down filly and getting her back on your property while butthead stands on a hill watching the whole thing and laughing her horsey head off.


And thank you to my wonderful neighbor Inga who saw little Nadia on her property and came out in her jammies, robe and fuzzy slippers with a handful of apples to help get everybody back in their stalls. Inga gets homemade bread this afternoon. 8^) Everybody else is grounded until the fence is there.

Side note: There was not a mark anywhere on the filly. She may be a little sore but she is otherwise without injury.


  1. lol I told you you shoulda made her a quilt!!
    Sorry you had such and adventure in subfreezin weather!

  2. Where's a video camera when you need one ;) xoxoxxo

  3. Sounds like quite the adventure. Is she used to it yet? Is the fence fixed?